Romantic Danube

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Vienna, Austria

Renowned as the “City of Waltzes,” Austria’s capital city of Vienna is Europe’s center of classical music. Strauss and Mozart composed many of their finest pieces here. Vienna’s musical history is matched by the elegant, graceful architecture that lines the Ringstrasse, the wide boulevard encircling the Inner City. Baroque, neo-Renaissance, Gothic-Romanesque and other splendidly styled structures, from the Hofburg Palace to the Vienna State Opera, take the breath away with their grand facades. Vienna has a more intimate side too: inviting footpaths lead through green parks and its famed Viennese cafés sweeten any stay with coffee and the city’s delectable Sachertorte.


Learn the Iconic Viennese Waltz

Learn the iconic Viennese waltz at Vienna’s oldest and most famous dance school, Tanzschule Elmayer. Watch Professor Elmayer teach Karine the basic steps in just a few minutes.

Lipizzaner Stallions

Go behind the scenes at Vienna’s Spanish Riding School to meet the “dancing horses,” the world-famous Lipizzaner stallions. Seeing these magnificent white horses perform is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Meet the Vienna Residence Orchestra

Go behind the scenes of the Vienna Residence Orchestra and hear from its talented musicians during a special program hosted by the orchestra’s cofounder, Sylvia Moser. Performing the music of Mozart and Strauss in historic buildings and opulent palaces throughout Vienna, the orchestra allows guests to experience live classical music in an authentic setting. Explore the history of this engaging ensemble and listen to short musical pieces you can experience in person when you join us on a river voyage to Vienna.

Alma Deutscher Performs in Vienna

Once the home of Strauss and Mozart, Vienna is renowned as the music capital of Europe. Now, guests who join us in this elegant city have the chance to enjoy an exclusive performance featuring Alma Deutscher, a young musical prodigy who will conduct classic pieces from great composers—including a few, destined-to-become-classics, of her own. View sailing dates for Viking river cruises during which you may attend Alma Deutscher’s performances in Vienna by visiting

Vienna Coffeehouses

Relax and enjoy a cup of Viennese coffee with an exquisite pastry at Café Demel, one of Vienna’s oldest coffeehouses. Established in 1786, it has satisfied the cravings of Austrians for more than 220 years.

Master Chef & Author Toni Mörwald

Watch the world-famous master chef and author Toni Mörwald and Karine prepare the traditional wiener schnitzel dish. In Austria, you might visit Chef Mörwald’s Michelin-starred restaurants. Bon appétit!

Vienna Boys’ Choir

Go behind the scenes with the world-renowned Vienna Boys’ Choir. Join Karine as she meets some of these talented youngsters and sits in as they prepare for an evening performance.