Magnificent Mekong

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Passports valid for at least six months following your visit, with at least two blank pages available for stamps, are required for all international travel. If you need to renew your passport, contact the National Passport Information Center (NPIC) at

US Passport: As of January 26, 2022, US passport processing times were taking as long as 14 weeks for routine requests and 10 weeks for expedited service.

We recommend you make copies of your passport photo page, visas, credit cards, driver’s license and any prescriptions, and keep these separate from your originals in case of loss or theft.


For visa information, all guests including non-US citizens and green card holders should seek advice from their respective embassy, consulate or Travel Agent to determine which documents are needed prior to departure. Tips for US citizens regarding their destinations are below. Should you require a visa for your journey, please be aware that each country/embassy/consulate sets its own policies regarding their issue, so allow ample time for processing. Be sure to obtain and carefully review for accuracy all your required documents prior to departure to avoid delays, denied boarding/entry or additional cost.

If you are a US citizen, a multiple-entry Vietnam visa and a single-entry Cambodia visa are required for this itinerary. If you are traveling in the Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi direction, e-visas are not accepted, as we enter by riverway. Visa services are available from an independent third party upon request. If you would like to obtain your visa through our partner Generations Visa Service, please visit their website and download a visa kit. Complete and return the forms to the visa company in a timely manner so that you will have your documentation in time to travel. The timing is explained within the kit instructions.

Note: For travel to and within Vietnam, it is very important that the full name on your air booking matches your passport exactly. Failure to provide this accurate information may result in one or more of the following: paying additional fees, cancellation of flights, airport delays, denied online check-in, boarding or travel. Viking is not responsible for obtaining visas nor advising guests of passport, visa or other immigration requirements.

Note: Viking is not responsible for obtaining visas nor for advising guests of passport, visa or other immigration requirements, so be sure to verify what is needed for your travels. You may be denied boarding or entry to some countries if you have not obtained the correct visas or documents prior to departure. Viking cannot provide any refunds for unused portions of your cruise/hotel stay or cost to change travel plans should you have missing or incomplete documents.