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Rhône River Cruises

A Rhône river cruise with Viking delivers you to the gastronomic heart of France, traversing scenic wine-growing regions and pausing to explore charming Provençal villages and historic cities like Avignon and Arles. It is pure privilege to experience this celebrated corner of Southern France on a Rhône cruise, from culinary Lyon to the unspoiled Camargue. Among France river cruises, a journey along the Rhône is unmatched.

Highlights of the Rhône River

The Rhône River winds its way into France from the Rhône Glacier in Valais, Switzerland, meeting the Saône at Lyon. Its waters flow past some of the country’s most significant historic landmarks, some dating back to Roman times. Blanketed with lavender and sunflower fields that display their full color in summer, the Rhône’s Provence region has long been an inspiration to artists. Above all, its vineyards and farms produce France’s famed wines and cuisine. Here are a few sample highlights of a Rhône river cruise:

  • Avignon, “City of Popes,” and its historic palace
  • The massive Roman arena of Arles
  • Espace van Gogh, the Arles hospital that treated the artist
  • Charming riverside village of Viviers
  • The spectacular gorges of the Ardèche plateau
  • Lyon, France’s grand culinary capital
  • Distinctive wineries and cellars of Beaujolais