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Walk the Path of Giants

Along the rugged shores of Northern Ireland exists a tableau of ancient rock formations some say arose from a tussle amongst giants: stones and hexagonal basalt columns in the shapes of a boot, an organ and chimney stacks. While these are the result of an ancient volcanic eruption, neither myth nor science fully capture the majesty and mystery of Giant’s Causeway. On your next British Isles Explorer, discover the stone marvel of this UNESCO World Heritage Site and picture the fabled clash between giants Benandonner and Fionn mac Cumhaill.


Put your best paddle forward in Norway’s fjords. Tag along with Viking travelers as they share what they are experiencing around the world today.

A Road for Romantics

Between the Bavarian towns of Würzburg and Füssen, passing travelers fall in love with the preserved medieval charm of half-timbered homes and unspoiled gardens. Stroll through Germany’s “Romantic Road” and let Rothenburg enchant you.

Dining Options Galore

Did you know that Viking ocean ships have nine dining options on board, all included in your cruise fare? Whether you are an early or late riser, relish the joys of 24-hour room service or have the brunch spread of your dreams at Mamsen’s.


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