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Stonehenge: A Prehistoric Mystery

Little is known about the true purpose for which the ancient stone structure Stonehenge was constructed, or how, but we do know that each solstice brings a mystical alignment of the great stones with the rising and setting sun—an event that inspires awe and humility for thousands of curious travelers each year. Walk the prehistoric world wonder yourself in the peaceful grasslands of England’s Salisbury Plain and check off from your bucket list another UNESCO World Heritage site!

Savor the Adriatic Sea

Did you know flat oysters, or Ostrea edulis, are best eaten once the delicious morsels turn three years old? Get ready for a shucking good time and savor the sea with Dubrovnik’s oysters—so fresh, you can leave the condiments behind!



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Asia’s Waterways

Take your pick from four intriguing voyages along China’s magnificent Yangtze River and Vietnam’s lush Mekong Delta where unforgettable beauty and culture await.


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