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Fodor’s: 6 Epic Stops on an Incredible Viking Ocean Cruise Through Coastal Norway

“There’s no better (or more comfortable) way to see Norway’s highlights than on a Viking Ocean Cruise,” says Fodor’s Travel. Fall in love with Viking territory and follow along as Fodor’s traverses the Nordic fjords, 1,000-foot waterfalls and scenic fishing villages. Be sure to check out their insider tips to get the most out of your next Viking voyage through Norway!

Class Is in Session

Pull up a seat to the most interesting lesson you have ever attended—on land or sea. Find Viking’s faculty of Resident Historians aboard our ocean ships, delivering destination-specific lectures supplemented by intimate roundtable discussions. See you during office hours!

Welcome Back to Downton Abbey

Mark your calendars for September—the King and Queen are coming to Downton! In proud partnership with Focus Features, Viking is delighted to present the trailer of the Downton Abbey film, the next chapter of the award-winning television series.


New destinations, new cuisines, new cherished memories. Tag along with Viking travelers as they gather with new friends and share what they are experiencing around the world today.


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