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Russia River Cruises

The Viking fleet is the finest operating among Russia river cruises. Along the nation’s expansive waterways, an immersive and eye-opening experience awaits. Historic Moscow and canal-laced St. Petersburg highlight our Russia cruises. Beyond, witness a rural tranquility seldom seen and the impressive green-domed churches of Uglich and Yaroslavl. Unveil the mysteries of an enigmatic country on one of our Volga River cruises below.

Waterways of the Tsars

Moscow to St. Petersburg


Highlights of the Volga River

Russia’s vast network of waterways, the Volga and Svir Rivers and the expansive lakes of Onega and Ladoga among them, deliver you to a breathtaking collection of cultural and historic riches. From the stately Kremlin of Moscow to the sophisticated allure of St. Petersburg, here is a sample of a few highlights of a Viking river cruise in Russia:

  • The colorful onion domes of St. Basil’s Cathedral
  • Moscow’s artful subway stations
  • The Golden Ring city of Uglich
  • Tea and conversation with a local Russian family
  • Yaroslavl’s colorful food market
  • Art and culture of Yaroslavl’s Governor’s Palace
  • Kizhi Island’s magnificent wooden Transfiguration Church
  • The art of matryoshka doll making
  • The vast collections of the Hermitage Museum
  • A St. Petersburg ballet performance