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European River Cruises

Immerse yourself in the Old World as you sail Europe’s most iconic rivers. On a Danube river cruise, discover charming villages and vibrant Budapest, one of Eastern Europe’s most treasured cities. On a Rhine river cruise, explore canal-laced Amsterdam, then glide to the storied castles of Germany. Explore more of Western Europe, stopping in quaint towns on a Main river cruise, or traverse through enchanting vineyards along the Moselle River. In Central Europe, behold the unspoiled splendor of the Elbe River as you journey to Prague. In France, trace the history of Normandy and experience the elegance of Paris on a Seine river cruise, or savor specialty cuisine and fine wines in Lyon along the Rhône and Saône Rivers. As the world’s leader, no one offers European river cruises like Viking.

Danube River Cruises

Winding through ten countries past old-world cultures, emerald-greenhills and vibrant cities, the Danube has witnessed epic histories that have shaped all of Europe.

Rhine River Cruises

Steeped in legend, the scenic Rhine flows through six countries. Fairy-tale castles and soaring fortresses along its banks evoke the spirit of medieval Europe.

Elbe River Cruises

From the Bohemian highlands, the historic Elbe passes the soaring landscapes of Saxony and the baroque splendor of German cultural centers.

Main River Cruises

Forested hills, vibrant meadows and richly historic towns line the Main, a Rhine tributary celebrated for the ornate palaces that dot its tranquil shores.

Seine River Cruises

The glorious Seine winds through elegant Paris into historic Normandy, passing bucolic villages and scenic landscapes and farm lands that inspired famed Impressionist artists.

Moselle River Cruises

The tranquil Moselle twists through France and Luxembourg before traversing one of Germany’s most picturesque wine-growing regions, lined by steeply terraced vineyards.

Saône River Cruises

Rich in viniculture and culinary history, the Saône rises in the Vosges Mountains before flowing through Burgundy and meeting the Rhône at Lyon.

Rhône River Cruises

The fabled Rhône, lined with vestiges of a rich Roman past, courses through picturesque Provence, cultivating renowned vineyards and vibrant wild flower fields.

Why Cruise the Rivers of Europe?

Viking takes you to the heart of Europe via its grand waterways, providing you with boundless insight into the continent’s cultural and historic treasures. Immerse yourself in the storybook villages, vibrant cultural centers and picturesque landscapes of The Netherlands, Austria, Germany, France, Hungary and Switzerland, and unlock a whole new world of discovery. Here is a sample of what you will see on one of our European river cruises:

  • Visits to Germany’s charming wine-producing villages
  • Culinary delights in Lyon, France
  • Medieval Prague, “City of a Thousand Spires”
  • The elegant boulevards and grand monuments of Paris
  • Historic Wittenberg, home to Martin Luther
  • Fairytale windmills of The Netherlands
  • Wine tastings in the quintas of Portugal’s Douro Valley
  • Budapest’s regal Parliament building and Chain Bridge
  • Vienna’s inspirational legacy of classical music
  • France’s famed wineries in Beaujolais, Bordeaux and beyond