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Egypt River Cruises

Follow in the wake of pharaohs with a Nile River cruise. One of history’s greatest civilizations emerged on these timeless banks, constructing massive temples and established bustling cities of trade on the edge of desert sands. Our Egypt River cruises between Luxor and Aswan bring you to their doorsteps. From palm-lined riverbanks to the fascinating streets of Cairo, enjoy the warmest of welcomes from Viking and the Egyptian people.

Highlights of the Nile River

Great pyramids, magnificent cities, massive temples and a fertile agriculture all grew on the banks of the Nile River. Today, they have re-emerged from beneath desert sands to reveal the secrets of one of the world’s most advanced cultures. Set a course for the Nile with Viking. Here is a sample of what you will experience:

  • Millennia-old treasures in Cairo’s Egyptian Museum
  • The Great Pyramids of Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure
  • The mighty Citadel of the Mountain
  • Sprawling temples of Luxor and Karnak in Luxor
  • Tombs of the Valley of the Kings
  • The remarkably preserved Dendera Temple complex
  • Esna’s towering Temple of Khnum
  • Aswan’s Nile via felucca sail
  • A Nubian home and school visit
  • Horse-drawn calèche ride to Edfu’s Temple of Horus