Regional cuisine tells a story. It embodies a country’s history, embraces its geography and represents its people. It conveys a feeling of pride inspired by time-honored traditions. And while every country has national dishes, delicious food is something we can all share. Now, experience the flavors and aromas of regional specialties from our galley to your kitchen.


Dutch Cheese Soup

The Dutch are great soup eaters, often featuring soup as a meal’s main dish. This hearty soup is perfect for a fall or winter evening.

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Pumpkin Soup

From pies to soups, we never tire of this versatile squash and its inimitable taste to satiate our yearnings for fall flavors.

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Hungarian Goulash

A rich meat-and-vegetable soup, goulash is a national symbol of Hungarian cuisine.

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Česnečka (Czech Garlic Soup)

Try this simple, soothing soup when you feel like you’re coming down with a cold. It may replace chicken noodle as your favorite comfort food.

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Russian Borscht

This classic Russian soup, made with beef stock, is good year round. You can experiment with a variety of garnishes.

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Beef Pho

This hearty meal in a bowl works as a soup or entrée; it is considered Vietnam’s national dish.

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Ciorba de Varza

Ciorba de Varza is a traditional Eastern European sour soup best enjoyed on cold winter days.

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Dutch Split Pea Soup

Dutch split pea soup (known as snert), is emblematic of Dutch cuisine. This recipe freezes well, so make a batch and save the extra for later.

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