Regional cuisine tells a story. It embodies a country’s history, embraces its geography and represents its people. It conveys a feeling of pride inspired by time-honored traditions. And while every country has national dishes, delicious food is something we can all share. Now, experience the flavors and aromas of regional specialties from our galley to your kitchen.


Glühwein (Hot Mulled Wine)

Around the Christmas season, public houses in nearly every European town offer mulled wine as a delicious antidote to the season’s chill.

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Café Maria Theresa

Here is a warm and very European coffee recipe that serves just one: you! Of course you can always make another one for a friend.

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Viennese Hot Chocolate

Warm up with this delicious and indulgent hot beverage traditionally served aboard Viking ships.

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Sangria is typically consumed in Spain or Portugal, but has origins in France. This recipe uses rosé wine and Cointreau.

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