Welcome Travel Partners!

Hello, Travel Partners!

Welcome to your new Travel Agent Portal.

All of the major features you used in the previous version of the Travel Agent Portal are still available to you, such as Making a Booking, Manage My Bookings, Make a Payment, access to the Travel Agent Academy and much more.

However, along with an updated interface, you’ll encounter a new user experience. We trust you’ll find the new portal easier to navigate and enjoy its enhanced features for booking with Viking Cruises.

Since all of these features are rolled into the VikingRiverCruises.com site, you’ll get updates and improvements to your portal at the same time we make updates to the Viking River Cruises website.

The Travel Agent Portal is in the My Trips > Manage My Trips section of the Viking River Cruises website. The best way to log in is to click Travel Agents at the bottom left footer, under Company Information, of any page on the Viking River Cruises website. The username and password that you currently use will work for the revised portal. You can bookmark the new login page to make it easier to return to. Once you are logged in, you’ll find Manage My Bookings and Make a Payment in the Manage My Trips menu, among other items. You’ll also notice a subsection called Resources; this is where you’ll find marketing materials and other information that will help you successfully sell Viking to your clients.

A brand-new feature that you’ll want to check out is Alerts. The Alerts feature gives you a snapshot of what’s left to complete on a booking, for instance, filling out the PIF information or making a payment.

As before, you’ll want to use Manage My Bookings as your main dashboard. From there, you can navigate to the Trip Details, PIF and Payment pages. You’ll be able to sort your bookings and view your commissions just like you could in the previous portal.

If you would like more information on how to use the new portal, then once you log in, please take a look at Using the Travel Agent Portal under My Trips > Manage My Trips> Resources.

We’ll be adding more functionality in early fall, such as Air Details in the My Trips section, the ability to book a beverage package online, as well as the option to order marketing collateral online. In the meantime, please email SalesSupport@vikingcruises.com with your name, address, item, and quantity to order your marketing materials. Thank you for your patience as we continue to improve your Travel Agent Portal.

Please use the links below to get started!

We look forward to a successful season!

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Use your current login information to access the new Travel Agent Portal.



If your agency is registered with Viking, but you are not, you will need to register as an individual.



If your agency is not registered with Viking you will need to start here and register the agency.

Completing a short online agency application form via the link below will create a provisional agency account that will allow you to enroll as an associated agent with immediate access to this site.



Via the link below, input the email address used to create your Travel Agent Portal account and an email with a temporary password will be sent to you via email shortly.

Using this form will only change the password for your Travel Agent Portal account. If you need to update the password for your agency’s master record, please contact us directly.