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More days means more to discover with packages you can add before or after your Viking journey. Wherever your trip takes you, we offer exciting ways to see even more of the region. Maximize the value of your overseas flight and enjoy additional days to explore your river cruise embarkation or disembarkation city, or see a new destination altogether, like Hong Kong or Prague. Select your itinerary to see which pre- and/or post-trip destinations are available to you, or give us a call to learn more.

Grand European Tour

Amsterdam to Budapest
from $3,962 | 15 Days | 12 Guided Tours | 4 Countries

Imagine 15 magical days along the Rhine, Main and Danube Rivers. From Holland’s windmill-studded tulip fields to Germany’s fairytale castles, from the Main-Danube Canal to the vineyards of Austria’s Wachau Valley, this epic voyage offers a wealth of wonderful experiences. Guests who choose this voyage soon see why it is our most popular itinerary.

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Danube Waltz

Passau to Budapest
from $1,749 | 8 Days | 6 Guided Tours | 4 Countries

Explore four of Europe’s most enchanting countries along the storied Danube River; Austria, Germany, Hungary and Slovakia. See the range of architectural wonders in Budapest and Bratislava, sail through the spectacular Wachau Valley, and take a tour of the 900-year-old baroque Benedictine abbey at Melk on this amazing 8-day itinerary.

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Portugal's River of Gold

Lisbon to Porto
from $2,356 | 10 Days | 8 Guided Tours | 2 Countries

Discover one of Europe's most pristine destinations, Portugal. Explore Lisbon, then see unspoiled vistas, stop at ports of call largely unchanged for centuries and sample the local cuisine and port wines on your Douro River cruise.

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Tulips & Windmills

Amsterdam to Amsterdam
from $2,199 | 10 Days | 8 Guided Tours | 2 Countries

Come see the rainbow of colors and visit some of Belgium’s most beautifully preserved medieval cities for the ultimate 10-day spring journey in the Low Countries. Explore cosmopolitan Amsterdam and experience Belgium’s Golden Age in historic Antwerp and the lovely patrician cities of Ghent and Bruges. Plus, enjoy savory Dutch cheeses on this delightful cruise.

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Châteaux, Rivers & Wine

Bordeaux to Bordeaux
from $1,749 | 8 Days | 6 Guided Tours | 1 Country

This 8-day journey takes you to Aquitaine, where some of France’s most remarkable wines are produced. At the region’s heart, the city of Bordeaux invites visitors to savor its grand architecture and superb museums. Taste wine and oysters, truffles and cognac, as you cruise the Dordogne, Garonne and Gironde Rivers.

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Cities of Light

Paris to Prague
from $2,899 | 12 Days | 10 Guided Tours | 4 Countries

Discover the romance of Paris and Prague and all the quaint small towns in between on this 12‑day journey, including two nights each in Paris and Prague and a scenic river cruise along the Moselle, Rhine and Main Rivers. Take in the picturesque landscape of vineyard-clad hillsides as you cruise through Germany and sample fine wines of the region.

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Elegant Elbe

Berlin to Prague
from $2,599 | 10 Days | 8 Guided Tours | 2 Countries

Discover the natural beauty of former East Germany’s dramatic landscape on this 10-day Elbe River cruise. Witness the opulence of Saxon monarchs as you stroll through their palaces and gardens; sail between the sandstone cliffs of Germany’s “Saxon Switzerland.” Your journey is bookended by nights in multicultural Berlin and beautiful Prague.

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European Sojourn

Amsterdam to Bucharest
from $5,449 | 23 Days | 19 Guided Tours | 9 Countries

Combine Grand European Tour with Passage to Eastern Europe for the ultimate European sojourn. See the canals of Amsterdam, the castles of the Rhine Valley, great Danube cities like Vienna and Budapest, and many colorful capitals of Eastern Europe on an incredible 23-day cruisetour that includes eight countries.

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France’s Finest

Paris to Avignon
from $3,998 | 15 Days | 13 Guided Tours | 1 Country

Join two popular itineraries to create a 15-day river cruise that offers the ultimate journey through France. Begin in France’s legendary capital of Paris, then travel along the Seine through the Norman countryside to the historic Normandy beaches before returning to Paris. Transfer to Chalon-sur-Saône to embark on the second half of your grand tour of France, finding artistic inspiration in the colors and sunlight of Burgundy and Provence.

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Heart of Germany

Nuremberg to Frankfurt
from $1,798 | 7 Days | 6 Guided Tours | 1 Country

History lines the banks of the Main, one of Europe’s most intimate waterways. In this land of Franconian wine and Bavarian beer, the famed “Romantic Road” leads to fairy-tale Old Towns. Explore the cobbled streets of Rothenburg and the splendid palace of Würzburg. See the dramatic ruins of Heidelberg Castle. Discover Nuremberg’s rich past. Join us for this fascinating itinerary through Germany.

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Paris & the Heart of Normandy

Paris to Paris
from $1,749 | 8 Days | 6 Guided Tours | 1 Country

Combine the magic of Paris with the beauty of France’s Norman countryside as you experience pivotal moments in history on this fascinating 8-day journey. Experience the exquisite gardens of Giverny, walk the cobblestone streets of provincial Vernon and share the splendor of Paris, the world’s most romantic city, with your companion.

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Passage to Eastern Europe

Bucharest to Budapest
from $2,599 | 11 Days | 7 Guided Tours | 5 Countries

Let us take you to the cities, towns and natural wonders of Eastern Europe. Visit capitals of Hungary, Serbia and Romania plus towns in Croatia and Bulgaria, and see the region’s dramatic scenery.

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Basilica of Notre Dame, Lyon, France

Lyon & Provence

Avignon to Lyon
from $1,749 | 8 Days | 7 Guided Tours | 1 Country

Sail along France’s scenic Saône and Rhône Rivers past some of the most beautiful vistas the French countryside has to offer. During your 8-day journey, explore the famed region of Beaujolais and the colorful fields of Provence. Visit Gallo-Roman ruins, walk cobbled streets and visit the historic Papal Palace in Avignon. Learn about the region’s time-honored winemaking traditions, sample Beaujolais varietals and try the world-famous regional cuisine in Lyon.

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Rhine Getaway

Amsterdam to Basel
from $1,749 | 8 Days | 6 Guided Tours | 4 Countries

Visit all the highlights of the legendary Rhine River on this 8-day cruise. You will see the many charming castles that command the riverbanks as you sail through Germany. Experience the lush landscape of the Black Forest region, explore Holland’s famous windmills and waterworks and take part in the inviting nightlife in Rüdesheim’s Drosselgasse.

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Romantic Danube

Budapest to Nuremberg
from $1,749 | 8 Days | 6 Guided Tours | 3 Countries

Discover grand cities and quaint villages on this 8-day journey along the “Blue Danube.” Explore both sides of fascinating Budapest, experience Vienna’s imperial architecture and gracious culture, and tour riverside towns in Austria’s Wachau Valley. Explore a baroque abbey and stroll cobbled streets lined with half-timbered houses.

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Bruges, Belgium

Rhineland Discovery

Bruges to Basel
from $2,749 | 12 Days | 9 Guided Tours | 5 Countries

Enhance your Rhine Getaway river cruise with two nights each in Belgium and Holland. This extraordinary cruisetour spans 5 countries in 12 days. You’ll explore medieval Bruges and Ghent and canal-laced Amsterdam, the cultural centers of the Low Countries. Then enjoy the magnificence of the Rhine, sailing past sloping vineyards, fairy-tale castles and quaint villages.

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Neuschwanstein Castle, Hohenschwangau, Germany

Castles & Legends

Munich to Budapest
from $3,149 | 12 Days | 10 Guided Tours | 5 Countries

The alpine beauty of Bavaria and Austria takes your Danube Waltz river cruise to new heights, with two nights each in Munich and Salzburg. This cruisetour visits the fairy-tale Neuschwanstein Castle and Salzburg’s Old Town. Then you’ll sail the Danube past villages, vineyards and the Wachau Valley to the cultural capitals of Vienna and Budapest.

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Imperial Cities of Europe

Berlin to Budapest
from $2,749 | 12 Days | 10 Guided Tours | 3 Countries

This exciting cruisetour offers the ideal way to enhance your Romantic Danube river cruise. Spend two nights each in Dresden and Berlin, two artful cities gloriously rebuilt after World War II. Along the Danube’s fabled waters, you’ll admire glittering capitals from Budapest to Vienna and the stunning vistas of the Wachau Valley.

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Grand European Tour & Belgium

Ghent to Budapest
from $5,212 | 19 Days | 15 Guided Tours | 6 Countries

Our most epic cruisetour combines Grand European Tour with a fascinating exploration of the Low Countries. Explore 5 countries in 19 days, beginning with two nights each in medieval Ghent and canal-laced Amsterdam. Then set sail for the Rhine, Main and Danube Rivers, passing elegant castles, emerald vineyards and cultural capitals along the way.

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Musée des Beaux-Arts de Dijon

Paris, Burgundy & Provence

Paris to Avignon
from $3,199 | 12 Days | 11 Guided Tours | 1 Country

Enrich your Lyon & Provence river cruise with French finery on this magnificent cruisetour. After two nights each in elegant Paris and in Burgundy’s gastronomic capital of Dijon, you’ll wind your way south on the beautiful Rhône, setting a course for the legendary landscapes of Provence, quaint villages and stunning Avignon, “City of Popes.”

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Old Town Warsaw, Poland

Poland, Prague & the Elegant Elbe

Berlin to Warsaw
from $4,399 | 16 Days | 14 Guided Tours | 3 Countries

Complement the natural beauty and baroque splendor of your Elegant Elbe itinerary with breathtaking stays in three magical cities on one inspiring cruisetour. After your cruise, enjoy two nights in magical Prague, three in beautiful Kraków with a moving excursion to Auschwitz and two in lovingly reconstructed Warsaw, home of the courageous wartime uprising.

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Esztergom Basilica, Esztergom, Hungary

Bavaria to Budapest

Nuremberg to Budapest
from $2,522 | 10 Days | 7 Guided Tours | 3 Countries

Experience the Danube’s rich culture. Visit Vienna’s exquisite museums and impressive architecture during a full day on your own. Enjoy ample free time in Budapest, a colorful cosmopolitan city steeped in Hungarian history. And witness the beauty of the Danube Bend. From medieval Nuremberg to Austria’s Wachau Valley, this river cruise is a Danube dream.

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Basel, Switzerland

Switzerland to the North Sea

Basel to Amsterdam
from $2,522 | 10 Days | 8 Guided Tours | 4 Countries

Follow the emerald banks of the Rhine, exploring two of Europe’s centers of art and culture along the way. Stroll Basel’s medieval quarter and explore Amsterdam’s canals lined with elegant houses. In between, cruise through enchanting storybook landscapes. Explore Strasbourg’s Alsatian beauty, admire Germany’s riverside castles and visit Holland’s iconic windmills.

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Paris to the Swiss Alps

Paris to Zürich
from $3,149 | 12 Days | 10 Guided Tours | 4 Countries

Embark on this 12-day cruisetour through four fascinating countries, framed by glorious hotel stays in elegant Paris and lakeside Zürich. Cruise along the Rhine and Moselle Rivers past ancient castles and lush vineyards, explore Roman vestiges in Trier, ascend the legendary Lorelei Rock and stroll the charming medieval lanes of Cochem, Mainz and Bernkastel. You will also discover tiny Luxembourg and the canal-lined streets of Alsatian Strasbourg. At every turn, delight in Europe’s cultural and culinary.

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Imperial Jewels of China

Beijing to Shanghai
from $2,799 | 13 Days | 11 Guided Tours | 1 Country

See all of China’s key highlights in just 13 days. Explore cosmopolitan Shanghai and, in Beijing, imperial treasures like the Great Wall and Forbidden City. Cruise the wildly beautiful Three Gorges region of the legendary Yangtze, and admire the engineering marvel of the Three Gorges Dam. You also visit Xian, home of the famous Terra Cotta Army.

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Magnificent Mekong

Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City
from $2,899 | 15 Days | 14 Guided Tours | 2 Countries

Explore the stunningly scenic and culturally distinctive lands that lie along the remarkable Mekong River on this 15-day cruisetour. Encounter ancient Khmer monuments at Angkor Wat and the elegant French colonial capital of Phnom Penh in Cambodia; and in Vietnam, visit the floating markets of the Mekong delta, experience the intimate charm of Hanoi’s old city and tour dynamic Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon. Here you will find gracious hosts, delicious cuisine and the natural beauty and rich history along the magnificent Mekong.

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Myanmar Explorer

Bangkok to Bangkok
from $5,799 | 15 Days | 13 Guided Tours | 2 Countries

Rich history and mystical wonders await you in Thailand and Myanmar. There’s natural and spiritual beauty everywhere, from Bangkok’s glittering Grand Palace to countless ancient pagodas in Bagan to breathtaking Inle Lake. Discover Burma of old during an 8-day cruise along the verdant Irrawaddy River. And take in the colonial architecture and ornate palaces of Yangon and Mandalay, fascinating melting pots of Asian cultures.

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Roof of the World

Beijing to Shanghai
from $4,399 | 16 Days | 18 Guided Tours | 1 Country

Discover the many faces of China on this fascinating 16-day adventure. See the imperial treasures of Beijing, including the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace. Meet several thousand Terra Cotta Warriors in Xian. Explore both ancient and contemporary Shanghai, the “New York City” of China. Enjoy a 6-day Yangtze River cruise.

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Pathways of the Pharaohs

Cairo to Cairo
from $4,198 | 12 Days | 17 Guided Tours | 1 Country

Egypt is the gift of the Nile. Cruise the great river in comfort and style, and sail across Lake Nasser to the monumental statues of Rameses II and Nefertari at Abu Simbel, on this fabulous 12‑day cruisetour.

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Waterways of the Tsars

Moscow to St. Petersburg
from $4,999 | 13 Days | 10 Guided Tours | 1 Country

On this culturally rich itinerary, you′ll tour iconic landmarks such as Moscow′s Kremlin and Red Square, and Catherine Palace and the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. But you′ll also experience the other side of Russia: quaint Golden Ring towns like Yaroslavl and Uglich that only a river cruise can show you. Visit opulent palaces, fortified monasteries and beautiful cathedrals, and discover Russia′s unique history and culture.

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