Passage to Eastern Europe Cruise Reviews

People love to tell us how much they enjoyed their journey and we're as honored by their words as we are by the fact that they chose to travel with us in the first place. Read some of the best reviews about our guests' experiences below.


We recently returned from our second cruise with Viking. The Budapest to Bucharest cruise is spectacular. The sites, history and culture of five countries were made all the better by the experiences Viking provided. All of the staff, including at the hotels at both ends of the trip were superb. Every arrangement from checking in to the first hotel, to help with check-in at the airport on the way home was efficient and effortless. Bravo Viking!

Leon and Barbara Rosenberg


It’s nice to be able to see so many towns and cities without having to drive or ride a bus or live out of a suitcase. Your stateroom is your home for the duration of the cruise. I like that all of the excursions are included—that’s great! The staff was exceptional and took great care of us!



This was our second Viking River Cruise and it was wonderful. We were treated like royalty traveling along the beautiful Danube. Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia and Hungary are fascinating and the tour guides were great. All the tours were exceptional. The food and wine were also superb, as was the service. Passage to Eastern Europe is a wonderful experience and another Viking gem.

Jake and Janice Poole


My wife and I, along with two other couples, went from Budapest to Bucharest over the July 4 week in 2013 on Viking Aegir. There are so many great things about this tour and Viking that it is hard to summarize them. Let’s start by saying that almost everything is included in the price: all meals, an onshore tour almost every morning (with a couple of extra tours available), and chances to spend the afternoon on foot in some fun city centers.

Most of us have heard of Budapest, Belgrade and Bucharest, but not Kalocsa, Vukovar, Osijek, Vidin, Veliko Tarnovo or Arbanasi. Trust me, that is not a negative, they are beautiful, Old World cities and towns with great people in them. All of the countries and cities/towns on this tour are emerging from 50+ years of Communism. The people here are learning how to create an economy, and Viking is helping in several ways. When Viking tells you that you are welcome to buy local wines on shore and they will serve those wines to you with no corkage fees, that is an encouragement to "buy local." Our group of six found wines in every stop; what a treat! When we toured the kitchen, the head chef told us he goes on shore daily to buy local fruits, vegetables and produce for the next day; that is a commitment to local commerce. By the way, that chef organized a walking tour to a farmer’s market on one stop. The chef got a head start on us while the Concierge walked us 10-12 blocks into the city center. When we arrived, the chef had prepared a buffet table for us. He had fresh feta with olive oil and condiments, three kinds of tomatoes, other fruits; he talked about the things he looks for when he shops.

The entire crew was introduced to us at the Captain’s Dinner. Almost all of them came from Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, and Hungary, countries that we were visiting, as did the local guides, who were all outstanding. When we asked them questions, we got refreshingly honest answers. The businesses that we visited on shore would have been overwhelmed by 3,000 tourists from a big ship, but they were truly glad to greet 180 of us for an afternoon and speak English with us.

Lanis & Lynn Lenker


My friend and I took our first river cruise on Viking Primadonna from Budapest to Bucharest this past November and it was a FABULOUS trip! We also did a pre-cruise extension in Prague which was awesome too. Everyone associated with Viking was professional and knowledgeable. We have already booked our next river cruise for October of 2012! Thanks, Viking!

Noreen Salo


We have just come back from the Passage to Eastern Europe cruise; we were looked after so well! This was our third cruise with Viking and we have another three booked already. We are taking my mum on the next one, so let’s see if she gets addicted like we have. Thank you, Viking, you are the very best.

Gill Hooper

Passage to Eastern Europe River Cruise Overview - 2017 Budapest to Bucharest